• About Foxy Twins Horseboxes

    Before I started Foxy Twin Horseboxes we had (over the course of the previous 10 years) several horseboxes which were mainly second hand. We decided to purchase new and that is where the trouble started!  Cost price £50,000 plus vat for a 7.5t box (£60,000)

    The terms were: put one third down on placing the order (£20,000) then another £20,000 when the vehicle was just about to go to the paint shop. Foolishly I had parted with £40,000, with no proof that the vehicle actually existed! As you can guess it didn’t!  Fortunately I was advised by a QC who co-incidentally  had been scammed by the same firm. He advised that I went down the High Court route and fortunately  I got my money back. I think I was the lucky one, as the firm shortly after went bust, leaving a lot of unhappy customers behind who had placed large deposits.

    With the licence laws changing, I felt that the 3.5t market would be the future for smaller horseboxes.  At this time, I had just sold my business, and was looking for a new project. I would manufacture a quality product on good chassis with history, and to back this up, I would only take a very small deposit (typically £1000) with the balance payable on collection.  I felt that if the product was good, which it was, then the customer would have assurances that they were not parting with approximately 97% of their funds until it was completed, and ready to be picked up.

    Over the past 12 years, more than 700 Foxys are on the roads, carrying horses of all types to different events from Happy Hackers to Burghley winners and Olympic medalists.

    The new Stallion Premier design is our best seller, and is a far cry from the original Foxy Twin. Built with lighter weight but robust materials and designed with no breast bar.

    We are a family run business, and as we compete horses ourselves, we understand the different needs of customers, we always have demonstrator vehicles to view at our premises in West Sussex by appointment.

    Since 2017 my daughter Hannah and her husband Andrew Gould are continuing to uphold the excellent reputation of Foxy Twin Horseboxes using their knowledge and experience to continually evolve the box to ensure high expectations are met.

    Neil Savage